FinHalo Beta

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PRE ORDER exclusive batch of the first FinHalo "Beta" visor with bespoke colour choice

FinHalo feature and benefits:

  • FinHalo was created through user-testing and feedback from medical professionals in COVID environments.
  • FinHalo passes infection control, is easily cleaned for reuse and can withstand medical cleaning methods.
  • FinHalo is fun, stylish, aesthetically appealing
  • Flexible back-strap design.
  • The film is anti-fog, cut to give maximum protection while keeping acoustic clarity.
  • Comfortable, robust and lightweight, being able to wear this product for a full working day.
  • Fits all ages.
  • Fast to assemble, interlocking and adjustable.
  • Reusable and recyclable (circular product).
  • Cost effective, affordable
  • Fully certified/ CE compliant.
  • Manufactured within the UK using primary industrial and resources, without importing virgin material.
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