Care Boxes 4 Care Homes is an initiative from the COVID Safety Network to make COVID-19 protection easy, accessible and eco-friendly.

We provide free Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) care boxes for care homes, refugee centres and any residential home in need of protection.

COVID-19 has hit care homes hardest. With the NHS struggling for resources, they often seem to be left to fend for themselves. Time spent by care home staff hunting for individual PPE items is time that could be given to those in their care. These items often take weeks to arrive and are single-use.

We have created the first ever COVID-19 care boxes that provide eco-friendly and reusable PPE and cleaning options for those working in care homes, refugee centres or for residential homes in need.

We are looking for £5,000 to supply at least 100 care homes across the UK with vital PPE and cleaning equipment. To raise spirits, we’ve included a little treat in each box too.

The care boxes include:

  • Reusable visor
  • Cotton facemask
  • Cotton smock or scrub top
  • 10 Aquapak laundry bags, that are made from hot water-soluble Hydrosol
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Hand soap
  • How-to-assemble guide
  • How-to-clean guide
  • Special treat

These care boxes are designed to include everything staff need to protect themselves and others. Importantly, they contain a guide on how to introduce PPE to neurodiverse individuals.

We are working in collaboration with the NHS at Queen Elizabeth Hospital maxillofacial department who have been testing products and then getting them seen and passed by infection control.

Each box is made in a fully sanitised, safe assembly location.

If you are a care home, refugee centre or residential home that is in need of protection please get in touch to claim your box.

To donate to Care Boxes 4 Care Homes, click here.

For every £20 donated we can provide one nurse with a full set of reusable PPE along with educational material. £100 will provide a care home with a full box for 6 members of staff.

Want your donation to go to a specific place? No problem. Just contact us using the GoFundMe page.

You can also support our cause in non-financial ways:

  • Share our GoFundMe page – the more people it reaches the more likely we are to reach our target.
  • Donate in-kind support – should you wish to donate supplies or PPE, please get in touch with information on the products you have and how many you can donate.
  • If you have experience working in care homes, with refugees, or with neurodiverse individuals please get in touch. We need your help to create a comprehensive guide for using PPE in everyday life. We are currently building a library of online resources, and the more information we receive the better.
  • Most importantly – stay inside, stay safe and stay protected.